President Carol Cecil - ccecil@dadeschools.net G. Holmes Braddock HS Art Deco 5 2018
VP/Operations Dario Camara - dariocamara@gmail.com Western HS Hurricane 5 2018
VP/Webmaster Alyssa Fiebrantz - alyssa.fiebrantz@browardschools.com Cypress Bay HS Hurricane 6 2019
Treasurer Cathy Brown - cathy.brown@ocps.net Apopka HS Timacuan 2 2018
Secretary Jennifer Kwasman - jennifer.kwasman@aquinas-sta.org St. Thomas Aquinas HS Hurricane 6 2019
Panhandle Regional Director Pauline Buis - buisp@mail.okaloosa.k12.fl.us Niceville HS Panhandle 1 2019
Timacuan Regional Director Beth Eskin - elizabeth.eskin@ocps.net Timber Creek HS Timacuan 2 2018
Gulf Coast Regional Director Paul Jannereth - pjannereth@carrollwooddayschool.org Carrollwood Day School Gulf Coast 3 2019
Macaw Regional Director Traci Lowe - traci.lowe@palmbeachschools.org Suncoast HS Macaw 4 2018
Art Deco Regional Director Kate Hamm - khamm@ransomeverglades.org Ransom Everglades HS Art Deco 5 2019
Hurricane Regional Director Justin Weaver - justin.weaver@browardschools.com Coral Springs HS Hurricane 6 2018
The Board of Directors of Florida Forensic League, Inc. is comprised of the elected officers of the organization. The President, Vice-President/Operations, Vice-President/Webmaster, Treasurer, and Secretary are elected statewide by all members. The members in each Region also elect a Regional Director, whose primary responsibility is to communicate with and govern organizational events within his/her Region.

The Board of Directors includes a five-member Executive Committee comprised of the officers elected statewide. The Executive Committee has the authority to govern the organization between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee also serves as the Protest Committee at the State Tournaments.

No officer of Florida Forensic League, Inc. is compensated for their services.

The following policy concerning communications by league officers was adopted by vote of the membership in October of 2004:

All officers shall make a reasonable effort to respond to concerns raised by the Head Coach or Assistant Coach for members in their Region (Regional Directors) or statewide (President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer). Officers may forward and/or discuss membership concerns with other officers whenever necessary. Communications to officers should bear the name and school of the sender. Questions and concerns should always be raised by officials (eg: Head Coach, Assistant Coach, principal) representing the member school; communications initiated by parents and/or students shall be forwarded to the Head Coach and/or Assistant Coach of that individual's school for a response, unless the officer, Executive Committee, or Board of Directors deems that a response is legally prudent or necessary, and/or otherwise in the best interest of the organization. Officers shall be under no obligation to respond to or act upon unsigned and/or anonymous communications.

Clicking on the name of an officer will allow you to send him/her an email.

All officer terms expire on June 1 of the year listed.