All legislation must be written as federal legislation!

Use the "bill" format if the federal government has jurisdictional control, and can enforce the provisions. A bill establishes the details and nuances behind how a particular law must work, including when it takes effect, how much of the treasury (tax levy) will be appropriated (if applicable), how infractions/violations will be dealt with, etc. A bill may answer the who, what, when, where - and most specifically how - but it will never answer "why." Legislators must explain the rationale behind bills in their speeches.

Use the "resolution" format if the federal government has no jurisdictional control and cannot enforce the provisions. (The resolution is used to express the legislature's attitude toward some important problem in the state, nation or world - in other words, to let others know how we feel.) Resolutions encourage, and when passed, establish a strong conviction by a lawmaking body to do something. Any time a lawmaking body wants to take further and "higher" action (i.e., amend the Constitution, engage in a treaty, take action through the UN or some other multinational group), a resolution is the means by which this is done. Resolutions never establish the "how" of law, i.e., issues of enforcement, and how it will work when passed.

The Florida Forensic League follows National Forensic League formatting rules. Information on NFL formatting can be found in this two-page discussion, with examples.


DOWNLOADABLE NFL Resolution Template

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